We believe in the power of engineering to change the world

CENS is a world-leading developer and provider of cathode and anode materials that substantially enhance Li-ion battery performance.

Established in 2014, CENS is led by highly experienced scientists and engineers, backed by world-renowned academics.

With our deep knowledge and know-how in nanotechnology and chemistry, we are entirely focused on developing innovative, advanced materials for Li-ion batteries.

As a company that honors innovation, we strive to break any technology barrier to produce outstanding products that enhance everyday human life.


POWERING MOBILITY – Build the best products for improving battery performance, implement high-impact solutions for clean energy, and use business to inspire excellence.



Empower energy that drives the world, by becoming the standard performance-boosting technology used in all Li-ion batteries.


  • Moshe is responsible for leading the management, strategic direction, and execution of CENS vision.

    Moshe has extensive experience in leading business development and sales at multinational high-tech companies and start-ups, with 25 years’ extensive experience in the automotive and battery industries. He has a proven track record in driving growth, having taken startups from zero sales to >$80M ARR. Moshe holds an MBA in Economics.

Powering batteries that go further and do more
Michael Bromfman

CTO and Co-Founder

  • Michael has extensive expertise in nanotechnology, including more than 30 years in R&D and commercial production of advanced nano-materials at ICL. He has over 40 years’ experience in designing process equipment, operating pilot plants and scaling up laboratory processes to industrial units. This includes translating nano R&D to commercial manufacturing at the Tungsten Sulfide Nanoparticles production plant.

Dr. Vadim Goldshtein

Senior Engineering Fellow

  • Vadim has more than 50 years’ experience in chemical products synthesis and in the developing and operating chemical production plants. He has held multiple influential technical positions at several companies such as Easy Check Ltd, Ecser Holding Corporation, Levgum, and SoluBest.


Prof. David Zitoun

Advisor, Head of Electrochemistry Lab, Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Doron Aurbach

Dept. of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University

Mr. Nachman Levinger

CTO, Elbit Systems Land Division

Prof. Yuval Golan

Nanoscale Science & Engineering, Ben Gurion University


developer of cathode and anode