CENS transforms Li-ion batteries into fast-charge, high-energy power cells

CENS is a world-leading developer

Increased battery capacity
Longer battery cycle life
Shorter charging time
Lower cost $/kWh
applicable to any kind of Li-ion battery


CENS is a world-leading developer and provider of cathode and anode materials that dramatically enhance Li-ion battery performance. CENS Nanotechnology is used in the heart of any kind of Li-ion battery, providing value for any application, from electric vehicles, drones and consumer electronics, to energy storage.

Any Li-ion battery
Ideal for all types of cathode and anode Li-ion batteries
Low CNT loads
First to succeed in dispersing CNT anode/cathode powder loads of just 0.3%-0.6%
Higher capacity
Increases battery capacity at both low and high C-rates
No change needed in production line process



Powering batteries

that go further

and do more